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Logistical Tactics, Guns and Paintball
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Episode 005: The Combat Medic, Part 1 Podcast Hick's Law ("The length of reaction time under severe adrenaline stress is directly proportional to the amount of techniques learned"), Fight Attitude ("I'm not good enough, nor will I ever have time to become good enough, to fight someone in a peaceful manner"), and Simplicity in technique ("How does your body already want to move, naturally?")
Episode 007: The Combat Medic, Part 2 Podcast In this second and last part of the Combat Medic podcast, the finer details of "simplicity" are discussed and how they relate to the healthy, relaxed and coordinated natural movement of the body.
Episode 084: Optics Podcast In this first podcast episode on optics, Sam Coffman talks about binoculars. How do binoculars compare to spotting scopes, how do you answer the question, “What’s the best pair of binoculars for me?”, what kind of magnification do I want and more.