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Renewable Agriculture and Sustainable Gardening
Resource Resource Type Description
The Permaculture Research Institute of Australia External Link: Website An in-depth look at permaculture and sustainable gardening techniques, training/courses, internships, projects, articles, videos and more.

Northwest Edible Life External Link: Blog/Website A blog that covers gardening, raising of chickens, food preservation, cooking techniques, and more.

Mini Farming External Link: Website The author of "Mini Farming: Self Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre", Brett Markham's website of self-sufficiency ideas for sustainable gardening.

OrganicGardening.com External Link: Blog/Website Website that offers blogs, articles, tips, newsletters and more on green gardening techniques.

Episode 012: Introduction To Permaculture Podcast Human Path instructor Paul Range, Ph.D., discusses the basics of Permaculture from its history to its intended purpose as a self-sustaining food source, part of the green homesteading movement.

Backyard Farmers By Necessity Video Inspiring video about a couple who turned their backyard garden into both a productive and clever enterprise to fully support themselves

Episode 024: Wildcrafting and Weedcrafting Podcast The importance of botany and basic plant identification when dealing with wild plants, wildcrafting ethical and legal concerns and more.

Episode 025: Growing Your Own Food Podcast Sam Coffman and Marjory Wildcraft discuss organic backyard food production and What it involves to go full-commitment on living solely off of your own food production.

Episode 026: Basics of a Self Sustaining Garden Podcast 3 important and easy steps to get started on a home garden that works even in an urban environment, finding the right plant and animal breeds that work best for your home farm/garden system and more.

Episode 027: Starting Your Own Homestead Podcast The pros and cons of hot vs. cold climates for a self-sustaining environment, choosing land and what to think about for a self-sustaining homestead.

How To Grow Container Corn External Video Link Sustainable gardening technique that can be done easily.

Victory Seeds Website External Link Excellent source of seeds

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds External Link Online source for heirloom seeds

Spin Gardening External Link There's a new way to farm. It's called SPIN, and it is causing people to re-think not only how to farm, but what it means to be a farmer today.

Seed Library Resource External Link: Website The Seed Library's mission is to help nurture a thriving community of gardeners and seed savers. In addition to providing access to free seeds, they support gardeners and seed savers, from beginner to expert, through the process of growing, harvesting, and seed saving.

Intro to Permaculture - video lectures External Link: Videos 40 hours of free lectures on the basics of permaculture.

From the bottom up - A DIY guide to wicking beds External Link: Website Tutorial Wicking beds are self-contained raised beds with built-in reservoirs that supply water from the bottom up - changing how, and how much, you water your beds. This article talks about how wicking beds work and how to build one.

How A Clever Virus Kills A Very Hungry Caterpillar External Link: Article How the baculovirus can affect the eating habits of a gypsy moth in catepillar state, preventing the deforestation of trees during outbreaks

Keeping Your Garden Tools Sharp External Link: Blog Common Sense Homesteading discusses the best ways to keep your tools for that sustainable garden in great working order

Vertical Gardening External Link: Blog Using vertical planting techniques to make limited space into productive growing areas.

How 1 MILLION Pounds Of Organic Food Can Be Produced On 3 Acres External Link: Article How urban farming can produce a yield of 1 millions pounds of food per year on three acres in the inner city.

Companion Planting Information and Chart External Link: Chart Reference chart to help plan what plant items work well next to one another

"Farmin' In The Hood" Video External Link: Video Video documentary about 20 families that uprooted from suburbia and made their homes for good in one of the most blighted neighborhoods in the U.S. with unexpected results.

How To Save Seeds External Link: Article Learn how to breed your own new vegetable varieties, reproduce existing heirloom seed varieties and save vigorous, free seeds from your garden.

Parasitic Fly Dooms Bees to Death by Maggots External Link: Article Researchers have discovered a type of fly that aggressively pursues and hunts honeybees.

Holistic Planned Grazing External Link: Video Informative video about grazing and desertification and how a holistic approach could reverse this growing trend.

The Basics of Seed Storage External Link: Article Seed storage complements your skill set of food preservation techniques. Learn how to store seeds and what problems you should avoid during the process.

Organize and Declare “Food Sovereignty,” Like Sedgwick, Maine External Link: Article Sedgwick, Maine became perhaps the first locale in the country to pass a “Food Sovereignty” law to reduce interference from outside regulations.

Winter Sowing – Germinating the Natural Way External Link: Article This article explores what winter sowing is, when to do it, the equipment needed and a step-by-step How-To process to be successful.

What's the Difference Between Hybrid and Heirloom Vegetables? External Link: Article How can you be sure that the hybrid vegetable seeds you grow aren't genetically modified and bad for you? Would you be better off sticking to heirloom vegetables or could they be modified too?

How to turn a concrete desert into a food jungle External Link: Article Using available urban space to create permaculture gardens