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Outdoor Survival Equipment and Gear
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Episode 064: Survival Knives 101 Podcast Today, Sam Coffman and Shaun McKey discuss the most important tool a person can take with them into any outdoor setting: The Knife.

Ammo For Sale Website/Online Store www.ammoforsale.com is a fourth year company that offers ammo and accessories. They have quality ammo, excellent prices, put customers first and offer a first class customer experience.
Episode 065: Survival Knives 101, Part 2 Podcast How to sharpen a knife correctly, some good brands of survival knives, does the shape of a knife blade make a difference in its usefulness, where toI find out more comparison information on knives before buying, and more.
Episode 068: Gun Safety and Handgun Basics Podcast Firearm safety, definitions like "caliber," "rim-fire," "center-fire," "semi-automatic vs. revolver", what caliber weapon to buy as a first gun and why, when does "stopping power" matter and more.
Cheaper Than Dirt Website/Online Store The consumate "Cheaper than Dirt" website. If you aren't already familiar with them, it's a good one to bookmark. Not always the best quality in every item, but you can often find great deals on items that are good quality.
GMS Tactical Website/Online Store Good selection of gear & items - but generally more of a "tactical" store than a "camping" store. Usually good prices and quality as well.
Sportsman's Guide Website/Online Store Lots of selection and good prices, fast shipping and good customer service.
The Canteen Shop Website/Online Store Decent prices and good customer service. Not the widest variety of survival gear, but there are a few things here that you don't see in other online stores.
Survival-Gear Online Articles This is actually primarily an online survival-gear store. However, they also have a collection of articles/blogs (probably for the most part to draw attention to their gear for sale) that are worth perusing through for information. There are a variety of subjects. Some articles have more detail and usefulness than others, but there is definitely some read-worthy information here.
Milspec Monkey Gear Reviews and Online Store A site that specializes in tactical type gear reviews, links, and an online store. This is a good spot to hear about new tactical gear and read pretty concise details on said gear. It's not the most inclusive site on the web, but the gear that they do cover, and the reviews that they do write, are usually very good.
Episode 070: Bug Out Bag Essentials Podcast The specific purpose of the bugout bag, how much weight it needs to carry, considering your bag for the "long haul" and how to test that, how much to spend, layout and a lot more.
Episode 071: Survival Gear Podcast Clothing, footwear, materials and critical items to have.
Episode 076: Fire and Water. Podcast water containers and water purification for the bug out bag, fire-making kits, and gear overlap.
Episode 077: The Go Bag. Emergency Ideas Podcast Must have essentials for a bug out bag, working with it under stress and an overview of what to pack and what to leave out.