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Renewable Energy and Homesteading
Eco-Minded Building     Raising Livestock
Resource Resource Type Description
Rise and Shine Rabbitry Website An excellent resource for everything a homesteader would need to know about raising meat rabbits.
Episode 025: Growing Your Own Food Podcast Today's podcast on a self-sustaining gardening system covers Native/Aboriginal approaches to sustainable food production , Our current state of environmental disrepair and how we can change this and more.
Episode 026: Basics of a Self-Sustaining Garden Podcast Today's podcast on a self-sustaining gardening system covers finding the right plant and animal breeds that work best for your home farm/garden system , 3 important and easy steps to get started on a home garden that works even in an urban environment and more
Episode 027: Starting Your Own Homestead Podcast Sam Coffman and Marjory Wildcraft discuss the pros and cons of hot vs. cold climates for a self-sustaining environment, choosing land and what to think about for a self-sustaining homestead.
Episode 034: First Time Homesteading Mistakes Podcast This discussion between Sam Coffman and student Joe Acoces starts with his own experiences in buying a piece of land to make a homestead for himself and his family and the mistakes he made along the way.
Episode 035: Homesteading and Simple Living Podcast This discussion between Sam Coffman and student Joe Acoces continues with Joe's take on creating a community around homesteading, super couponing and classes that have helped him to refine his sustainability skills
Episode 062: The Common Sense Homestead, Part 1 Podcast The author of both the popular blog Common Sense Homesteading and Facebook page, Laurie talks today about her experiences in setting up their property into the ultimate homestead.
Episode 063: The Homesteader's Gut Reaction Podcast Laurie and Sam talk today about a healthy diet, probiotics, and what it means to be a homesteader.
Episode 100: Rabbits. The Self Sustaining Food. Podcast Sam Coffman talks with rabbit breeder/homesteader Rick Worden of Rise and Shine Rabbitry about raising rabbits as a food source. Until recently, rabbitry was an under-publicized source of excellent meat and compost material. With rabbits' quick reproductive turnaround, rabbits are being recognized as an efficient and cost-effective source of food.

Designing Landscapes: Bill Gates, here’s the toilet that will save the world External Link Article about composting toilet
Black Soldier Fly Composter / Automatic Chicken Feeder External Link A portable composter that turns turn everyday food and garden waste in to a nutritious food source for chickens and rich compost.
Paladin Press Homesteading Resource External Link: Resource Sites Lots and lots of website links here with tons of information on every aspect of homesteading and living off the grid.
How to build a Highly Efficient Rocket Stove Mass Heater External Link: Resource Sites Instructions that explain the principle of a highly efficient method of heating any space. A rocket-stove mass heater. Videos and detailed text.
How to Keep Your Chickens Healthy! External Link: blog Article about herbs that can help chickens avoid common ailments like parasites, colds and more.
Life Without A Refrigerator? External Link: blog According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy, refrigerators use more power than any other commonly owned appliance. But while most modern homesteaders gladly do without dishwashers and clothes dryers, few unplug their refrigerators. Going fridge-free isn't as hard as it sounds.
Reclaiming Pallet Wood External Link: Video This introduction video feature focuses on breaking down wooden specialty pallets for low cost/no cost projects that re-use this free resource for raised garden beds and more.
Episode 080: The Self Sustained Lifestyle Podcast Sam Coffman and Andrea Muse discuss the transition between a mainstream hyper-consumer-driven life to one that is more self-sustainable. They discuss how to make the transition from 'consumer' to 'producer', what things they had to give up, time involved and techniques they used to become more self-reliant.
Freecycle.org External link: website All across the country, explore recycling and trade options to keep unwanted items out of landfills and re-use wherever possible.
How to Start Natural Beekeeping External link: article With a recent revival of interest in beekeeping and harvesting honey comes the questions on how to start a hive, what equipment is needed and how to do it inexpensively. This article is a good beginner's guide on how to get started.

Episode 081: The Self Sustained Lifestyle, Part 2 Podcast A continuation of a discussion on becoming self-sustainable as a family. Sam Coffman and Andrea Muse discuss preparedness in event of a disaster, substitutions for consumer items, the importance of community and family and re-learning survival skills that a 'convenience' society has stripped most people of.
5 Easy Ways to Detoxify Your Kitchen External Link: Article Quick article on 5 steps to make your food chemical-free by detoxifying your cooking space
Build an All-in-One Outdoor Oven, Stove, Grill and Smoker External Link: Article A Mother Earth News article on how to construct a DIY, wood-fired, outdoor masonry stove that can be used four ways: for baking, grilling, cooking and smoking.
Bicycle Powered Generator External Link: Video A video tutorial on how to use a bicycle to create enough electricity to power your home.