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Wilderness Survival and Primitive Skills
Resource Resource Type Description
Fire: The Hand Drill Blog/Text Article on starting a fire without modern tools

Hand-Drill Fire, Part 2 Blog/Video Video technique on how to start a hand drill

Badgers in our Back Yard Blog/Text A learning experience about native wildlife in the South Texas area.

Useful Knots Blog/Text Basic knots and their application.

Useful Knots, Part 2 Blog/Text Basic knots and their application.

Primitive Hunting - Part 1 Blog/Text Different types of survival bows

Primitive Hunting - Part 2 Blog/Video Quick video tutorial on making a survival bow

Survivalism vs. Primitive Skills Blog/Text Philosophical discussion on survival.

Episode 009: Primitive Skills and the Hunter/Gatherer, Part 1 Podcast Some of the equipment limitations and hardships put onto the level 1 Hunter Gatherer students to push their skills , The concepts of Fire, Water, Shelter & Food and how they are interrelated , Some of the different woods to use and how we use them to start friction fires and more.

Episode 010: Primitive Skills and the Hunter/Gatherer Podcast Surviving on wild food without animal protein. Is it possible? The psychological aspects of dealing with hunger in a survival situation. Both in a group and alone.The "attitude" of primitive skills and how vital this is as a skill by itself.

Episode 011: Primitive Skills Vs. Survivalism Podcast Attitude and morale - how these are a crucial aspect to survival, and how this relates to learning primitives skills, A comparison between skills-based vs. technology-based survival. Why is there a gap between these two worlds? and An overview of The Human Path's vision and how it relates to bridging the worlds between technology-based "survivalism" and primitive skills.

Episode 031: Zen of the Modern Bowmaker Podcast The process of creating a self bow from a stave and how this process creates a more natural and intuitive connection to the bow

Episode 032: Making A Survival Bow Podcast An exploration of the world of primitive bowmaking skills, as discussed between instructors Sam Coffman and Jason Shrader

Episode 033: Primitive Intuitive Archery Podcast How using primitive archery techniques creates an entirely new world of awareness and connection

Episode 036: Walking Into The Wild Podcast Sam Coffman and Joshua Hamlin discuss Joshua's experiences when he put himself to the test and lived off the land for 2 years using only primitive tools.

Episode 037: Leaving Behind Modern Life, Part 2 Podcast Sam and Joshua finish discussing the mistakes he made and what he learned from them. They discuss the importance of making mistakes in a "safer" environment because of what can be learned by those valuable experiences.

Episode 066: In The Wild Bayou, Part 1 Podcast Sam Coffman and Jonathon Pinckard discuss primitive skills instruction and survival schools. Jonathon Pinckard founded and runs the survival school Wild Bayou in Louisiana.

Episode 067: In The Wild Bayou, Part 2 Podcast Sam Coffman and Jonathon Pinckard discuss why primitive skills instruction is so important for society, how outdoor education students learn how their own small actions affect the environment by interacting with nature and more.

Society of Primitive Technology Website/Text The Society of Primitive Technology is an amazing resource for articles on every aspect of primitive skills imaginable. From primitive hunting and fishing to basket weaving and sandal-making, dyes & inks, stone tools... you name it and if it a primitive technology, there are probably half a dozen articles on the details of a subject you never knew could have that much detail.

The New Aboriginal External link: video Arthur Haines briefly discusses various changes in hominids, the path we currently walk, and the need for a new kind of person.

Naked in the Wilderness - Primitive Living and Survival Skills Book John and Geri MacPherson's primitive skills book is one of the best, if not the best book out there on the market. It is a must-have for any survival library.