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Primitive Tracking Skills
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Episode 028: Bushcraft and Primitive Survival Skills in a Fast Food Era Podcast This is the first episode of a series in which Sam Coffman discusses primitive living skills and bushcraft with Dave Scott, focusing on the importance of community in survival and learning environments

Episode 029: Primitive Skills Your Grandparents Had Podcast Self sustaining concepts that are viewed as 'radical' by today's society are well understood by those who lived just 2 generations ago as a common way of life

Episode 030: Tracking In The Modern World Podcast This discussion between Sam Coffman and Earth Native Wilderness School founder Dave Scott covers the ongoing mysteries of tracking that give great fulfillment.

Episode 056: Awareness Podcast Utilizing adaptability & awareness in everyday life to become more in tune with nature and your environment

Episode 084: Optics Podcast In this first podcast episode on optics, Sam Coffman talks about binoculars. How do binoculars compare to spotting scopes, how do you answer the question, “What’s the best pair of binoculars for me?”, what kind of magnification do I want and more.