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Primitive Engineering and Camp Skills
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Selection and Care of a Good Knife Blog/Text Article about the value of a knife in a wilderness setting.

Bowdrill Fire, Lessons 1 - 3 Online Course The individual components of a bow-drill fire kit, preparation of each of the components, and getting an ember and a fire from your bow-drill.

Winter/Spring 2012 Rainbow Trout Stocking Schedule External Link: Tx Parks & Wildlife Resource The winter and early spring schedule for the stocking of rainbow trout in Texas lakes and streams.

Episode 013: Primitive Engineer Specialty Overview Podcast Beyond the basic engineer skills, the primitive engineer has to understand at least the basics of more advanced concepts like engines, blacksmithing, wiring, basic construction, urban planning (water, gas, power, etc), computing and so on. On a team, the role of the primitive engineer is primarily to make everyone else's job easier. This is the user and inventor of tools and means.