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Outdoor and Functional Fitness
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Survival Racing and Fitness Blog/Text Article about how outdoor survival fitness differs from the average workout.

Rope Undulation Workouts Blog/Text An unconventional approach to fitness using ropes.

Natural Fitness using Trees Blog/Text The ashe juniper tree as a novel exercise tool!

Trees and other things for functional fitness (part 2) Blog/Text A continuation on how to get an excellent quadrapedal workout using both variety and repetition at the same time.

Survival Racing… Using Pentathlon Ideas Blog/Text Inspiration for fitness by participating in the Olympic Pentathalon trials.

Episode 042: Parkour In Nature, Part 1 Podcast An overview of parkour and how many ways a person can move, based off their body type and background to create a very unique expression of movement

Episode 043: Parkour For Everyone Podcast Basic parkour techniques: footwork, balance, jumping, precision and foot placement, How the fitness level of anyone will determine where on the ladder you start with parkour and more.

Episode 048: The Zen of Ass Kicking Podcast Discussion between personal trainer Jonathan Lifvendahl and instructor Sam Coffman about cross training, mental attitude, and how we view our bodies, fitness and movement.

Kyra Gracie Uncovered Enternal Link: Video for those women who think ground fighting is something only for guys to do

Episode 073: Core Fitness for a Busy World Podcast What does "core fitness" really mean, how is it possible to integrate a workout into the rest of our day, how often should a person be exercising, and why doesn't our culture allow us to operate from a standpoint of core fitness, and why does it matter?

Episode 074: Barefoot Running Podcast A technique as old as man himself has recently evolved into a healthy new trend, barefoot running. As part of much of the outdoor education classes at The Human Path, Sam Coffman relies on the barefoot running method as an important part of the physical training.

Episode 096: Skills Trump Gear Every Time Podcast In today’s podcast, Sam Coffman talks about skills, gear, community and preparedness mentality. How do you go about working on skills on a regular basis, Why is fitness a crucial skill and more.

Soloing with Alex Hannold Enternal Link: Video Join rock climber Alex Honnold in his ascent of Half Dome, nearly 2,000 feet ... without a rope.