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Outdoor Teamwork and Leadership
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Episode 093: The Self Sustained Community Podcast Melanie Jamison joins us today from Austin-area organization, Vajra Azaya. This is a non-profit group that focuses on practicing building, gardening and engineering methods of self-sustainability. They are currently constructing two communities that will be self-sufficient, along with community gardens and other local community events to share and train others in these methods.

Episode 097: The Intentional Homestead Podcast Today, Sam Coffman talks with Tim Bennett, a man who has gone off the grid for his family's home, creating a totally self-sustained home within an intentional community experiment. After Tim and his family experienced an economic downturn in 2007, they made the decision to create a home environment that could sustain them even if society could not. They have spent the last 3 years working on this home using green building techniques.

Episode 098: The Intentional Homestead, Part 2 Podcast Part 2 includes a discussion of: urban sustainability solutions, the winter garden and permaculture setup as part of the homestead, how dividing the labor and working together is the missing element to success for many and more...

The Human Path – Explanation of Core Classes Blog/Text The primary concept behind The Human Path is to bring people closer to the earth and closer to self-awareness, thereby helping lead the "organism of humanity" to more sanity (and survival as a species) in the way we live.