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Health, Diet and Nutrition
Food Activism and Regulation
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Fermenter's Club External Link: Website Informative website with recipes, discussions, how-to instructions on fermenting foods, resources and area community events for people who want to learn/share fermenting techniques.

Mother Earth News Online Magazine Mother Earth News could (and probably will eventually) end up under about 75% of the categories on this site. They have so much information on such a wide range of topics concerning homesteading, healthy living, survival and preparedness and much more. If you don't have a subscription (very cheap!) you should consider getting one, and of course checking out their archives and back-issues.

Non GMO Shopping Guide External Link: Website Online resources for identifying GMO-free products and how to buy them, as well as a downloadable Non-GMO shopping guide and iPhone app

GNOWFGLINS.com External Link: Website Nutrion website with cooking classes, videos, articles, webinars and e-books to explore natural and healthy diets using locally grown foods.

Episode 083: Fermenting the Wild Cabbage Podcast Austin Durant of the Fermenter's Club, joins Sam Coffman to talk about the basics of food fermentation, how easy it is and why it should be a part of anyone's health routine looking to find a healthier and more conscious way of connection with food, diet and nutrition.
Episode 083: Fermenting the Wild Cabbage, Part 2 Podcast In today's discussion, Sam and Austin talk about how different times of years and locales can alter fermentation times and the outcome, canning vs. fermenting and more.
Feedback loop helps your gut manage its helpful bacteria External Link: article Article discussing the delicate balance between the gut and bacteria

Judge Goes To Work For Monsanto External Link: article The same judge that ruled individuals and dairy owners could not drink raw milk resigned his post and has gone to work in a firm that defends Monsanto against criminal complaints

1 in 10 Americans Takes Antidepressants External link: article About 11 percent of people in the U.S. are taking antidepressants according to fresh figures out from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Antidepressant use has surged almost 400 percent and they are the second most prescribed type of drug in the U.S., right behind pills for high cholesterol ...
Survival Notes on Chia Seeds External Link: article This is a good overview of chia seeds and their usefulness as a survival food. You have to have plenty of water in order to use them, but aside from that, the usefulness of them in a bugout bag or at home as a survival food is quite impressive.

Can Ingesting Probiotics Reduce Anxiety? External Link: article Increasingly, scientific evidence shows that nourishing gut flora with the friendly bacteria known as probiotics is extremely important for proper brain function, psychological well-being and mood control.

Cultured Food Life External Link: website Recipes, classes and information on making cultured fermented foods.

Simple Survival Nutrition External Link: article A very basic article for a 3-minute-or-less read, but one that gives a quick overview on fats, carbs, proteins and vitamins in a survival situation.

The Ultimate Sprouting Guide External Link: article Not really the "Ultimate" guide, but nonetheless a quick reference with the basic information you need to know to sprout your own seeds, as well as an overview of why sprouts are such an amazing survival food for your own home food storage.

Food Democracy Now External Website Food Democracy Now is an up-to-date site on current food issues around the world and in the USA. GMO's, America's new "farm bill," and all the issues that effect how we grow, and in fact even IF we are allowed to grow our own food, as well as monitoring the food we buy.

How To Stretch Your Food Storage External Link: Article An article that reviews how food is digested most efficiently and what role your body's digestion takes in planning for emergency food storage.

The Autoimmune Crisis: What To Do About It External Link: Article Article that explores how digestion plays a large role in autoimmune issues.

Food Democracy Now External Website Food Democracy Now is an up-to-date site on current food issues around the world and in the USA. GMO's, America's new "farm bill," and all the issues that effect how we grow, and in fact even IF we are allowed to grow our own food, as well as monitoring the food we buy.

8 Reasons To Add Probiotic Foods To Your Diet External Link: Article Before refrigeration was invented lacto-fermentation was the method used to preserve food. We are able to maintain large populations of beneficial bacteria in our gut simply by eating cultured foods. This article goes over several ways that probiotic foods aid health and digestion.

How to Start Natural Beekeeping External link: article With a recent revival of interest in beekeeping and harvesting honey comes the questions on how to start a hive, what equipment is needed and how to do it inexpensively. This article is a good beginner's guide on how to get started.

FDA Claims Walnuts to be Illegal Drugs External link: article The Food and Drug Administration claims health benefits marketed by Diamond Foods in walnuts constitutes that walnuts are "drugs". As far as the FDA is concerned, these "drugs" can not be legally marketed in the United States without an approved new drug application.

LOCAL: A Short Documentary External Link: Video With the rise of farmer’s markets and more and more chefs sourcing their ingredients from local farms, consumers are now able to meet and talk to the people who are growing their food. LOCAL discusses the rise of the local food movement, the challenges of sourcing locally and how it’s become a growing part of the Austin, Texas food scene.