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Long Term Food Storage
Raising Your Own Food
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Episode 017: Food Storage, Part 1 Podcast In today's discussion between instructors Sam Coffman and Dr. Paul Range, they discuss long-term food storage techniques, equipment and how to go about being prepared for emergencies that could range from a minor power failure to a natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina up to a longer period of time, like an economic downturn.

Episode 018: Food Storage, Part 2 Podcast Sam Coffman and Dr. Paul Range finish their discussion on long-term food storage techniques, with tips and advice on how to work with stored food.
Episode 083: Fermenting the Wild Cabbage Podcast Austin Durant of the Fermenter's Club, joins Sam Coffman to talk about the basics of food fermentation, how easy it is and why it should be a part of anyone's health routine looking to find a healthier and more conscious way of connection with food, diet and nutrition.
Episode 083: Fermenting the Wild Cabbage, Part 2 Podcast In today's discussion, Sam and Austin talk about how different times of years and locales can alter fermentation times and the outcome, canning vs. fermenting and more.
Preparedness: Real Foods When You Need Them Most External Link: Blog Common Sense Homesteading discusses options for long term food storage of 'real foods'
www.cd3wd.com External Link: Resources This is an amazing site and will end up being under several categories on Treehugger Survival. It would take days to scroll through all the pages on this site, ranging from food storage and home agriculture and gardening to bio-fuels and preparedness. Lots and lots of detail on growing, harvesting and storing your own food, especially.
Tips To Building A Pantry External Link: Blog Building a self-sustaining pantry takes time and planning. This blog highlights basic and simple guides to becoming more self-sustaining without wasting money.
Learn To Make Your Own Cheese External Link: Resources Mother Earth News' collection of articles on how to make all types of cheese.
From hoof to sausage: processing a wild hog from start to finish External Link: Blog The step-by-step process of killing, bleeding, quartering and harvesting a wild hog and its experience on Human Path student Jackie Dana.
Prepare Now - Before The Economic Crisis External link: article Article discussing long-term food storage as a vital part of preparedness. Covers MREs, water purification, water storage and medication storage.

How to Start Natural Beekeeping External link: article With a recent revival of interest in beekeeping and harvesting honey comes the questions on how to start a hive, what equipment is needed and how to do it inexpensively. This article is a good beginner's guide on how to get started.

Camping Food Tips External link A food dehydrating how-to, recipes and tips for making your own camping food for the next backpacking trip you take.
Food Storage in a Small Space External link: blog With a family of 6, a mother blogs about her quest to have one year of food stored in her home.