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Treehugger Survival
As can be seen from the Navigation Links on the left side of this page, TreehuggerSurvival.com is a site dedicated to be a growing reference library on all topics related to:
  • Wilderness & Urban Survival
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Primitive and Modern Hunting and Fishing
  • Self Defense and Tactics
  • Plant Medicine (Herbalism)
  • Earth-Connectedness
  • Green Homesteading
  • Primitive Living Skills
  • Outdoor and Functional Fitness
  • Teamwork and Leadership
  • Community Building

The way the site is organized allows two separate ways to look for and at the site content.
1) Follow the links for subjects/topics and then scroll through the tites and subject matter with a brief description of each reference item, so that you can browse through any given subject matter with an overview of each item.
2) Use the search box to pull up pages that have a specific term you are looking for in the description.
Alternatively you can use the search function to search for a specific word or set of words.