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Plant Medicine and Wilderness First Aid
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Herbal Blogroll External Link: Blog A great comprehensive collection of online herbal blog listings.

Medicinal uses of the Lantana species plants Blog/Text Article about the numerous and very effective medicinal uses of the Lantana plant, which is generally considered an invasive species of flowering plant found throughout the southern states and tropics.

Poultices, Plasters and Herbal Bandages Blog/Text Short lesson on what an herbal poultice is, how to apply one to a wound, and how to use herbs in general on external injuries.

Herbal Treatment for Poison Oak, Ivy and Sumac Blog/Text One of the more effective herbal treatments for poison oak, poison ivy and poison sumac rashes.

Medicinal Plants of South and Central Texas Blog/Text A short description and usage of a few useful medicinal plants of South and Central Texas.

Making Jam out of Algerita Berries Blog/Text How to make a refigerator jelly from the berries of the algerita (Berberis trifoliolata) plant.

Energetics of New World Herbs Blog/Text Article on the differences and similarities of looking at herbs from a biochemical, reductionist viewpoint and a vitalistic, energetics viewpoint.

Energetics of New World Herbs, Part 2 Blog/Text Further exploration of the concept of energetics and herbology, focusing today on Goldenseal.

Top 10 Herbs for an Herbal First Aid Kit Podcast Podcast recording that covers Sam Coffman's idea of 10 herbs that would make his "top ten" list for first aid illness and trauma situations.

Episode 022: Plant Medicine with Nicole Telkes Podcast This episode is the start of several discussions between Sam Coffman and Nicole Telkes on herbology. Today, in their podcast about plant medicine, Nicole and Sam discuss community gardening and bringing herbal medicine to the people

Episode 023: Plant Medicine with Nicole Telkes, Part 2 Podcast how multiple holistic modalities work in harmony with herbalism, Herbalism in a trauma setting: using a holitistic treatment approach and still addressing the full body , Where western medicine knowledge and approaches fit in with herbal trauma care and more.

Episode 024: Wildcrafting and Weedcrafting Podcast The importance of botany and basic plant identification when dealing with wild plants, wildcrafting ethical and legal concerns and more.

Episode 044: Skullcap -- Intensive Herbology Review Podcast a discussion of the properties of skullcap -- it is a cooling and calming herb that gives a very focused relaxation effect, helps with physical addiction and mental clarity among other things

Episode 046: Algerito -- Intensive Herbology Review Podcast In this episode, Sam Coffman and Nicole Telkes discuss Berberis trifoliolata (Mahonia trifoliolata) - Common names of Desert Barberry, Algerita, Agarito, Agorita and more.

Episode 047: Borage -- Intensive Herbology Review Podcast Borage is a very powerful medicinal plant that is energetically cooling in nature. Sam and Nicole discuss their different approaches to this herb around points such as: Does it have a different effect on females vs. males? Is it better as a simple, or as part of a formula? What are the energetic applications of borage and more...

Episode 054: Herbal First Aid Kit Basics Podcast A personal first aid kit should reflect your own skill level and modality. This podcast covers basic allopathic items that should be in each kit.

Episode 055: Whats In The Herbal First Aid Kit? Podcast An overview of how to keep herbs fresh and stored properly in a first aid kit as well as the most common herbs that work well in a first aid kit.

Southwest School of Botanical Medicine External Link The late Michael Moore's school of botanical studies. Lots of great materials and links here. Michael Moore was one of the cornerstones of 20th century herbalism as we try to pick up the pieces and reconstruct so much knowledge that has been lost.

Episode 085: Edible Plants Podcast In today's podcast, Sam Coffman discusses some of the plants sprouting up everywhere in Central and South Texas in January.

Episode 094: Synergy and Herbs Podcast Today, Sam Coffman welcomes Lisa Ganora to The Human Path podcast. Lisa will be the new owner and director of the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism (NAIMH) in Boulder CO, starting in July, 2012. They discuss What is Lisa’s book about and why is it necessary to learn about medicinal plants at a bio-chemical level and a lot more.

Episode 095: Synergy and Herbs, Part 2 Podcast In today’s discussion between Sam Coffman and Lisa Ganora, they continue to talk about: The merging of vitalism and reductionism when studying plant medicine, the human relationship with the planet earth, and how this relates to cultural health and more.

Northeast School of Botanical Medicine External Link 7Song and the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine is a great location for information, downloads and more.

Plants for a Future External Link Plants for a Future database of 7000+ plants that you can look up. Great resource. Contains ethno-botanical medicinal and also edible uses of plants.

Henriette's Herbal External Link Good online resource for general herbal information.

Herb Research Foundation External Link Source for legal and general herb news in the USA and around the world.

Susun Weed's Homepage External Link Lots of great articles - especially concerning herbs and women's health.

Green Pharmacy External Link Lots of bio-chemical data on medicinal plants.

15 Insects You Can Use To Cure Wounds And Diseases External Link If you’re ever stuck in a remote jungle, bleeding profusely, coughing uncontrollably, with a severe case of syphilis, this article may save your life.

Herbs To Keep Your Chickens Healthy! External Link: blog Article about herbs that can help chickens avoid common ailments like parasites, colds and more.
Common Hill-Country, Back Yard Medicinal Plants Blog A review of high-performing and indispensable hill country area herbs and their many uses.
18 of Nature’s Most Powerful Medicinal Plants External Link: Article An article that includes 18 potent medical plants found in the wild – or even someone’s backyard – that can help with minor injuries, scrapes, bites and pains.
Dr. Duke's Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases External Link Comprehensive chemical and botanical database library