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The Environment
Resource Resource Type Description
Mother Nature Network External Link: Website Environmentally aware website that addresses earth matters, health, lifestyle, green technology and a lot more.

Discovery News External Link: Website Online news website that focuses on environmental, historical, man-made and techonological news that impacts our global environment.

Found: Earth-Like Planet That Might Be Right For Life External Link: NPR Article Scientists have discovered a planet not too much bigger than Earth that's circling a distant star that's much like our own sun.

Radioactive water found leaking from Japanese nuclear plant External Link: Article More environmental damage has likely occurred at Japan’s stricken nuclear reactor after more than 45 tons of highly radioactive water leaked from the Fukushima Daiichi power station in December 2011

Parasitic Fly Dooms Bees to Death by Maggots External Link: Article Researchers have discovered a type of fly that aggressively pursues and hunts honeybees.

Ohio Earthquakes Caused By Drilling Wastewater Well, Expert Says External Link: Article A NW Ohio well used to dispose of wastewater from oil and gas drilling almost certainly caused a series of 11 minor quakes in the Youngstown area since last spring, an investigating seismologist said

Shock As Retreat of Arctic Sea Ice Releases Deadly Methane Gas Levels External Link: Article Methane - a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide - have been seen bubbling to the surface of the Arctic Ocean by scientists undertaking an extensive survey of the region.