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Sustainable Gardening Techniques: Composting
Resource Resource Type Description
Black Soldier Fly Composter / Automatic Chicken Feeder External Link A portable composter that turns turn everyday food and garden waste in to a nutritious food source for chickens and rich compost.

Using Coffee Grounds With Vermicomposting External Link: Article How coffee grounds work for winter composting with worms.

Fall composting FAQs - get compost next spring, not next decade External Link: Article Composting is simple in theory, but some gardeners are still left with questions. This "FAQ" might resolve any remaining worries about how to build the fall compost pile.

A Bicycle Composter External Link: Article Sustainable designer Benjamin Jones combined his love of bicycles and green living and created a community composter that runs on leg power.

10 Reasons To Start Composting External Link: Article A quick overview of why composting may be one of the most important things you do with your garden this year!

Why You Should Compost Coffee Grounds External Link: Article Coffee’s breakdown materials can be used as a mulching agent, as well as a fertilizing agent and more. Find out the important role that coffee plays in speeding plant fertilization.

500 showers heated from one small compost pile: a how to tutorial External Link: Video A video tutorial on how compost heat can be captured to heat water in moments by running black pastic pipe through the heart of the heap.