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Scenario Challenge #1: Survival on Foot
Part 5: You do a thorough check for high-speed avenues of approach as well as your own E & E possibilities from this location if necessary, and decide to bed down in the first spot you found with some great natural cover and concealment, as well as being a decent natural shelter that wouldn't take much work to become a refuge from even a serious rainstorm. However, the weather looks like it will be dry and clear during the day anyway, so rain is probably not an issue.

You dig a scout fire-pit and make a hobo stove out of a large can you found. You gather enough small pieces of dry wood (mostly the ashe juniper) to boil several pots of water, and go about restocking your water supply as well as hydrating fully.

You still have about 3/4 of the food you started with, but you're hungry and don't want to eat the food you're carrying if you don't have to. You don't really have time to look around too much for animal food, but there are a number of things that are presenting themselves to you as possible easy food. Describe how you would capture/harvest & prepare for eating, the following possibilities that you see here:

1)   wild edible foods
2)   primitive hunting
3)   wild food foraging
4)   edible plants
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