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Scenario Challenge #1: Survival on Foot
Part 4: You follow the direction of the red-winged blackbird songs, and sure enough head down a gentle slope into what seems to be a small drainage marsh that is ringed with several acres of woods. The woods appear to be made up of a lot of pecan, texas persimmons and ashe juniper trees, as well as a lot of understory growth.

You scout the wooded areas carefully around the marsh as the sun is just starting to rise, and don't see any signs of people in the woods, although there are a couple of buildings at least 1/2 mile in the distance to the west that look like they might be ranch or farm houses.

You find a good natural shelter and decide one of your main priorities is making sure you hydrate and refill all your water. It looks like this small wetlands area may actually continue and feed into some larger body of water, and you're pretty sure that there is a river running north/south that would take you close to your sister's house.

You have iodiine tablets, a small metal pot and the ability to make fire. There is a lot of tinder and kindling available, as well as many thickly vegetated areas and the usual piece of occasional trash, to include glass bottles, beer/pop cans, plastic bottles and tin cans.

     Question 10: What do you think is the best way to purify your water from this marsh?
  • Boiling
  • Iodine
  • Other (what, specifically if so?)
     Question 11: What are some of the pathogens might you be most concerned with from water in a location like this?

     Question 12: If you had to start a fire to boil water, either during the day, evening or night, what are some of your options to do so and avoid being seen? What would be your first choice of ways to do this?

     Question 13: What do you think are some of the primary security considerations that determine your best location to hide out and sleep during the day?
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