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Scenario Challenge #1: Survival on Foot, Part 3
Part 3: You walk all night in a southwesterly direction, and walking along back roads that you are not completely familiar with. At one point during the night you hear what sounds like a protracted gun battle, maybe 1/2 mile or more to the west of you in what you think is a small town, but otherwise you encounter no problems. You have passed many ranches and farmhouses, but are concerned that you might get shot at if you walk up to, or enter someone's home. You decide that if you could find natural water, the best thing might be to hole up for the day, get some much-needed rest, maybe in a spot where you can observe a farmhouse or two and see if there are people who would be helpful to your situation.

Your water supply is running low, and of course you'd like to find some place to hide out during the day that's near some natural water, but you haven't seen any yet, even though the area you're traveling through seems to be mostly woodlands and farmlands.

It is an hour or so before dawn, and you happen to hear a bird call to the southeast that sounds like this.

     Question 7: What bird is this?

     Question 8: Would hearing this bird at this time of day bear any significance to your needs?

     Question 9: Are there any general habits of many bird species at a given time of day that would indicate location of water? What are those habits?
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