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Scenario Challenge #1: Survival on Foot
Part 1: You are in a southern or southwestern state - let's say central, south or west TX, within a few hundred miles of the Mexican border. There has been a technological and social breakdown to the extent that there is virtually no law and order as far as you know, anywhere in the country. You have had no communication available to you for at least a few days (one-way or two-way) so you're not sure what's going on outside of your region, but there were people looting, killing and dying as you got out of the urban area you were in.

You drove your car as far as you dared, but even that was dangerous because of clogged highways and high amounts of violence on and around any high-traffic areas. People moving the opposite way have been talking about heavily armed, Mexican drug lord type convoys moving north to take whatever they need and want as they roll through towns. You're on foot now, with some basic survival gear (no weapon except your survival knife), about 7K calories worth of food and 3 quarts of water and decent hiking clothing that will suffice for the terrain.

You are determined to make it to your sister's house to join up with her & the rest of your family. She lives about 50 miles southwest of where you are now. You know the general area, which is arid, but not completely dry. Sparse desert woodlands, small farms, small, rocky canyons and desert scrub make up the general terrain you will be moving through on foot.

     Question 1: What do you consider to be your most critical survival need?
  • Food
  • Water
  • Security
  • Shelter
  • Fire
     Question 2: Do you think you should travel during the day or during the night? Why?
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