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Treehugger Survival: Who Are We?

While this site is run by The Human Path, it is dedicated to linking to any quality information on the web that touches these subjects – in any format (Text, Audio, Video, etc) – and to any school or other website regardless of whose information it is. The goal is to create a validated Survival-Wiki type of site. With that in mind, we welcome any contribution of links. If you have a school, a site, a youtube channel, a blog, whatever, that pertains to the topics at hand, please feel free to submit the site using our Contact Page and after a quick review, we will post it and link to your site along with a description (which you can supply in the contact page - although we reserve the right to edit).


One caveat though. As the name of the site implies (Treehugger Survival), this site is dedicated to sustainable, green preparedness and lifestyles. The earth comes first. Why? Because without it we die as a species. There is a preponderance of survivalist and “prepper” sites and literature that do not follow this vision. Therefore, it is important that this vision be available for all who want to be prepared, want to live sustainably, want to live in peace in a culture and society that is not insanely bent on self-destruction, yet also understands the need for security on all levels.

About the Links...

In that regard, the information we link to has to be unique information not found anywhere else on this site and preferably “earth-friendly” in attitude. As a hypothetical example/explanation: Say we don’t have any links specific to a particular subject, like breaking down and cleaning a 1911 style handgun for instance. You send us a link via the Contact Page which links to the only video on the internet for this subject (ok, bad example since there's probably dozens or hundreds or resources on that topic), buried in a right-wing, extremist survival group’s website. We’ll use that link until a better one comes along or we just make our own, after which your link will be dumped from the site because it is now one of 2 links to identical subject matter, and of the two, it is the furthest from the vision and reason for Treehugger Survival.

Final Note...

As a final word, the need for an earth-friendly survival resource site should seem obvious. The vast majority of survival-related sites, schools and literature have absolutely nothing to do with long-term survival. They are only about short term survival with the implied assumption that everything will return to the "good ol' days" afterwards. There is no acknowledgement of the endless number of mistakes we have been making as a civilization, a culture and a species which have brought us to the point we are at right now. This type of lifestyle and culturally-enforced insanity cannot sustain life and will not sustain life any better after a breakdown than it did before.

Therefore, this site is devoted to those who walk quietly in our society but have no problem carrying a big stick. Those who seek to preserve the natural cycle of life and death and understand our own place in ecology as something other than the destroyer of all life around us. Those who choose to understand and work within our natural limits rather than follow an insane, infinite-growth model of consumerism or any excuse to dominate all other cultures and ecologies on the planet with no real goal in mind other than to rabidly consume said cultures and ecologies.

This site is devoted to those quiet earth-walkers who also understand preparedness and have no problem with guns, tactics, self-defense, teamwork and leadership in order to defend oneself from those who would take it from us or our loved ones. In short, this site is not intended for pacifist hippies on the one hand or for angry, politico-religious bunker-survivalists on the other, but rather for those who support the need of the human species to become the sentience of the planet we occupy.